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Sissy Camp update Baby Ryan

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Since the last time y’all checked in, we have been continuing with Baby Ryan’s big black cock training using the following methods of preparation:

1) Extreme humiliation and degradation
2) Stretching
3) Desensitization

When India told me the puny little fairy was also a big baby, I had no idea how prone to tears he was. I can’t recall the last time I was so amused by a slut! His weakness is on a par with an actual baby for chrissake! So with the level of humiliation he’s experiencing, you can imagine how much he’s crying, lol. We are continuing the cold showers and pre-stretching enemas in the public shower area. The other “girls” twitter and giggle when he tries to back away from the hose…”oh no not another enema Ms. Kaci”, “b-b-but the water is so cold”…all the time whimpering and crying with his wimpy ass.
This is the week for his first live BBC encounter. I promised y’all that by the end of this program, he would be begging India for a big black cock gangbang. Well, I decided as part of his stretching exercises this week, I was going to give him a taste of the BLACK MONSTER. So I tricked the little waif punk into participating eagerly by asking if he wanted a hot shower, haha. I thought that crybaby bitch was going to start bawling again before he could even say yes, he was so touched by my generosity, lmao. So I told him to go into my bathroom and turn the shower on and strip his little girl clothes off to wait for me. I had some preparations myself. I slipped on my nylon harness, the one with the vibrator and plug on MY side, lol, and broke out the black monster. This dildo is 11″ and a whopper around with a nice set of balls…almost as good as the real deal! When I opened the door and stood looking down at him, all he could do was stare at that big black cock. I do believe he was under the cock spell! He asked what I was going to do to him and I told him the shower wasn’t free, haha. I told him to assume the position and he dropped to his knees in front of me. “Now suck it you sissy waif”, I ordered him. A tear started to roll down his cheek and I had to smack him with the cock to bring him around. “Quit sniveling and suck! You want that hot shower don’t you?” He shook his head yes and then proceeded to slobber and gag all over the strapon as I commanded. The second part of this little exercise was to stretch his punked out little bitch hole. I knew it was swollen and inflamed, but that was nothing compared to what a gangbang would do to it. He had to get ready. So when I got bored with his little whimpers, I ordered him into the shower. I let him enjoy a couple of minutes before I slid in behind him and grabbed his hips. He was a bit startled but didn’t protest when I kicked his legs apart and started to push that bulging black cock head into his tortured asshole. I just slowly pulled him back on it until it was buried balls deep in there…and then I told him to finish showering. I just stood still unless his washing caused some of that chocolate pole to come out, then I’d snatch him back onto it. He was breathing fast – panting like a puppy and whining like a bitch – when I whirled him around and bent him over so I could fuck him hard with that massive black dick. I think I might wear this strapon under my skirt tomorrow just to further intimidate him, lol. He’s seen what happens to the bitches who disobey – they get bent over right on the spot and fucked crazy, right in front of everyone. Perhaps I can provoke him into misbehaving just to turn him into a real cock star in front of all his sissy girlfriends. Anyway, he came without ever touching his little clitty, tears streaming down his face, bawling like a sissy baby.
And last, but not least, his desensitization went to the next level this morning: He was awakened and dragged up in the bed this morning by all the stud bulls. One of them held his arms behind his back while all the others slapped the crying wimp in the face with their huge black cocks trying to put them in his mouth. I stood at the foot of the bed laughing as he wiggled, squirmed and boo-hooed his waifish ass off.
He is still entertaining me! So, I will be writing again later in the week to dish all the details about his first real big black stud cock experience!


Sissy Camp with Baby Ryan

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This post will come as no surprise to those of you who are fans of  India’s blog.  But my faithful fans and readers might be surprised to hear that I have just kicked off a sissy camp program for the summer.

Well our first trainees arrived last week.  I know, I know…but I have been so busy keeping the sissies in line I haven’t had much time for posting about it 🙂  One of our attendees is a pseudo celebrity on the internet.  Some of you guys might have followed the cuckold phone sex saga between baby ryan and India.  The cry baby no dick waif is also a bit of a cock star over at the cuckold place.

The counselors and I have had so much fun humiliating that wimpy little cuck!  He is such a fuckin wuss!  He cries at the drop of a hat…especially when I make him use the open public showers.  You see, here’s the deal, the community showers here are cold water only.  It keeps the little cum dump faggots shrunken and subjugated to rip away a little dignity each day.

But here’s the funniest part of all (besides his puny fairy bod and shriveled up tiny dick, haha)…every one of these sissy bitches in training knows that all they have to do to earn VIP shower status (with hot water of course, lol) is graduate to the ultimate cock star status and worship the chocolate column *wicked grin* – for all of you dimwit cock suckers out there, that last phrase translates to BIG BLACK COCK.

this post will be continued as Baby Ryan’s training continues…

Monster Black Cock – part 2

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Yes of course I was going to make you wait for more of the story about the big black monster cock next door and I can see that you are here to eat it up. Feast on this little cuckold story about my submissive hubby turning into a cock star.

When I got on my cute khaki colored skirt on and hot pink top, I wiggled into some very cute, 5 inch hot pink strappy sandals so that I could show off my perfect feet and tan legs. I decided that a hot pink satin push up bra was in order and my hair up in a ponytail. Just as I got to the door and was about to knock, the door opened and the smoothest mocha skin colored man opened the door to greet me with a huge smile. His voice was low and deep and sexy. He asked me if I needed any help and I said that Yes indeed I did. I leaned over to him and asked him with an evil grin on my face if it was true. He had a knowing look on his face and said yes it was true, every word of it. I replied that I needed to make sure that if the saying “Once you go Black you never go back” was true then I needed to know for myself. He asked me where and when and I told him that this evening would be great and that my husband needed to be able to take notes. He said that he didn’t mind.

My legs were craving to be pushed behind my head. My pussy was wanting to get filled up with black spunk and I could not get fucked by this man fast enough. I calmed myself down with the thought that I had some intense cuckold training to start and my husband was at home waiting for it. He had been told by me to be ready in a pair of red thong panties and lace bra. His garter belt was to be red also but black stockings, just to be slutty. I told him that he could be in some 3 inch black heels. My husband protested and started to whine, but I just looked at him and said that if he was a good cuckold slave then he might get to see my pretty pussy filled up with hot cum. He got that little bulge again and rushed off to get dressed correctly for our company.

When our new neighbor showed up at our door and I opened it I instantly wanted him to know exactly what I wanted from him. I began to perform like any slut wife would. I got down on my knees in front of him and struggled to get him out of his pants and into my mouth. I just about got it in my mouth and my husband who was standing up behind me, got down on his knees next to me. I showed him how much I love sucking cock by putting almost all of it into my mouth. Then is started to grow. And Grow. After licking the head and balls, I leaned over and kissed my hubby right on the lips while I stroked this strong massive cock between our lips. What do you think happened next?

  1. My husband started to pull away, until I grabbed him by the back of the neck and put the head into his mouth.
  2. He took that massive black cock in his mouth and started to act like a cock whore?
  3. He took that cock in his mouth and I went to get my strap on to break him all of the way in?

If you want to be made into my cock star and forced to suck big monster black cock, call 877-705-6391

Cheating Wife Humiliated Husband – part 2

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Kaci came downstairs and saw Paul sitting on the couch, fully clothed watching television. He looked at her and her at him thinking “God I hope he wasn’t downstairs the whole time”. She walked further into the dining room/living room area of the townhouse.

“When did you get in?” she asked.

“Well, I actually never left. We don’t work when it’s raining so I’ve been here all morning.”

“Oh.” Kaci could feel her cheeks get hot. He had been here all this time and probably heard her masturbating this morning. “I’m going to die from embarrassment” she thought.

“Is Patrick coming down soon? I thought while you were at work he might want to go grab a bite to eat.” Paul got up from the couch and walked past her to the kitchen to get a drink of water. She was so beautiful. He had never thought of her like that until now because of their situation, but she was a true beauty with her long brown hair and brown eyes. She was a skinny model type. If he had to guess he would say she was about 120 lbs. and carried it very well. And she had the nicest ass and perkiest set of tits he had ever seen. Just thinking about sucking those tits started to make his cock stir again.

“No, he isn’t here, he went to work. What gave you that idea?” she asked following after him. She had to know for sure if he had heard her this morning.

She grabbed two glasses from the cabinet as Paul took the water jug out of the refrigerator. “Um, I just thought…I thought I heard him this morning.”

Their eyes met. Oh God, he knows, he heard and now let me die. “No, no…He left early this morning.”

They both sipped their water nervously as their eyes burned into each other. Paul was not a bad looking man at all. She usually went for the tall, dark, and handsome type…like her husband for example. Paul’s eyes were blue and he had very short blonde hair, sort of in a buzz cut. Of course he had the construction worker build. He had been doing it for a few years now and his body was rock hard. Strong looking and buff. Kaci had often wondered about him. Paul had somewhat of a man-whore reputation. She knew personally of 3 girls he had slept with. She knew all about his huge cock and his technique. He’d even been the star of her fantasies a few times but she hadn’t dared let on because of her marriage. She was a changed woman or so she thought. Kaci had been a big slut in the past but now that she was a respectable married woman, she kept those slutty tendencies in check. “Well, I guess I better get to work. I don’t have the luxury of staying home when the weather permits.” Kaci gave Paul a big smile.

He smiled back and took her glass setting them both on the counter. “The next time we all go out to the bar and get drunk, I think I am going to ask you something. I need to get a few drinks into me so I can get the courage up.”

“Ask me now.” she said.

“No, I can’t…I’m feeling shy.”

“Shy my ass. Paul, I know for a fact that shyness isn’t a trait you have. You know exactly what you want and you get it every time.” She walked back into the living room and went to the closet to get her raincoat.

Following after her, Paul asked “And how do you know that I am like that?”

“Because girls talk.” She turned around and he was right up on her. He towered over her and she only came up to his chin.

“What do girls talk about?”


“What kind of stuff?”

Kaci began to feel a stirring inside. She wanted him and she knew he felt the same. Their bantering was just foreplay. She thought about what Stella had told her. His most recent conquest. She said his cock was huge at least 10 inches and thick. Stella said it was the biggest cock she had ever seen and that he was also very aggressive and rough, something Kaci had missed. Patrick was a good lover of average size and he really got into eating her pussy but he was very passive. She generally started things up and he was very loving and gentle… Now she was in the mood for something else.

Their eyes were burning into each other saying so many unspoken words. As if they were both thinking the same thing at the same exact time, she dropped her raincoat on the floor and he quickly scooped her up by putting his hands on her hips. She wrapped her legs around his waist and they began kissing passionately, sucking on each other’s tongues. The urgency they felt was unreal and consumed them like a fiery explosion.

Paul walked them over to the couch where they collapsed…him on top of her. He tore her blouse open and then her bra exposing those perky tits he so wanted earlier. He began licking and sucking one erect nipple as he roughly squeezed and tugged the other. Kaci could feel the wetness in her panties and the tingling in her pussy. She couldn’t wait to have his cock inside of her but she so wanted to make this last forever.

He took his hand off her breast and lightly trailed down her stomach to her pussy. She was nearly shaven completely. This really turned him on. He slid two fingers past her pussy lips and worked them inside. She was so tight, he thought. Surely I am going to hurt her when the time comes. She was already wet and he began rubbing her swollen clit. He wanted to make her orgasm first before he tried to fuck her. It would make things go a lot easier later.

He moved up to whisper in her ear. “Mmmm, baby girl you have a tight pussy and a nice big clit for me to play with.” This totally turned her on because she began grinding all over his hand.

He put his lips over her right nipple, suckling at it like a newborn baby. Licking and sucking…nibbling it with his teeth. Kaci let out a low moan of pleasure while still rubbing her clit against his fingers.

Paul felt her pussy lips contracting around his fingers and her cum squirting onto them. He took his fingers out and slid them into her mouth. Kaci licked them dry like a pro. She sat up and pulled his shirt over his head exposing his nice smooth chest. She began nibbling on his nipples just like he had done earlier with her. While working on his nipples, she undid his pants and pulled his cock out. It was only half hard but huge and she began stroking it with her hand, slowly moving up and down the shaft. He moved her off the couch and onto her knees while he stood before her sliding it pants all the way down and off. He took a handful of her hair in his fist and slid his cock into her mouth. Kaci looked up at him as he watched his 10 inches slid in and out between her pink lips. He gave her mouth no mercy and with each insistent thrust, he forced her to take every inch of his manhood down her throat. A couple of times she gagged a little but Paul didn’t let up. “Suck it bitch. I know you have wanted this, haven’t you?” He asked.

“Oh yes. Fuck my mouth like the little slut I am…I want you to gag me with it!” Kaci began massaging his balls with the palm of her hand.

This sent him over the edge. Pumping faster, he unloaded his hot cum into her mouth. His load was thick and creamy. Kaci let some dribble down her chin before she opened her mouth showing Paul his cum and swirling it around her tongue before swallowing every drop.

He pulled her up off her knees and took her blouse and bra the rest of the way off and then her skirt and panties. Leaving her black heels on. He bent her over the arm of the overstuffed chair and buried his face into her pussy from behind. Licking and sucking on her clit, moving his tongue back and forth…in and out.

Kaci reached back and spread her ass cheeks apart exposing her fuck hole. Paul began licking her asshole getting the entrance nice and wet. He stood up and began stroking his again fully erect cock. “You want this big fat cock Kaci?” “You know I do.” She moaned.

“Beg me for it!” he demanded.

“Please Paul. Oh please fill me up with your cock. I’ve wanted it so long. Fuck me hard.” Looking back at him she said, “Make me your whore.”

With this, Paul put his hands on her hips and plowed her pussy with his 10 inches. Filling her up as she pleaded for him to fuck her harder. She was so tight but his cock slid in and out fast…easy from her previous orgasm. “Rub your clit baby…cum all over my cock.”

Kaci slid her hand between her legs and began rubbing her hard throbbing clit. Little beads of sweat began to form across her forehead and her moans bounced off the walls of the living room. Kaci’s clit began to twitch as she again squirted, covering his cock. “Oh fuck yes!!!!.” she screamed.

Paul slid his still hard cock out of her. He walked over to the chair. He sat down and took Kaci by the hand. With her back to him, he made her spread her ass cheeks apart again and sit right down on his cock. Again, she was full with his cock. But this time it was exquisitely filling her ass. He began pumping her like a jack hammer. Squeezing her tits and using them as leverage. Kaci put her hands on the arms of the chair to steady herself. “Harder Paul, fuck me HARDER!” With every stroke, Paul would bring his cock entirely out of her asshole, just to shove it back in again.

Kaci cried out from the pressure of being empty just to be filled up again. Then suddenly, Paul stopped. She could feel his cock pulsating inside of her and jerking. “Here it comes bitch!” he yelled. And with that, Kaci felt her asshole be filled up with his hot load.

They sat there for several moments not moving. Kaci was the first one to move. She got up and picked her clothes up off the floor and felt the hot jizz running down her thighs. Looking back at Paul, she suddenly felt ashamed for the acts she’d just committed with her husband’s friend.

“Paul, Patrick can never know about this. Promise me.” she pleaded.

“I won’t tell if you don’t tell.” he said.

And with that, Kaci quickly rushed upstairs to wash the adultery away. But, in the back of her mind, she knew this was only the beginning.

Cheating Wife Humiliated Husband – part 1

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He slowly moved up between her legs and kissed her thighs. Her smooth shaved pussy was staring him in the face. He parted her lips with his fingertips to expose her swollen, twitching clit. Gently, he began licking and sucking while fingering her g-spot. She threw her hands over her head and closed her eyes. She cupped her big succulent tits and started squeezing her nipples while pushing her dripping cunt into his face forcing his tongue deeper inside of her….beep beep beep beep beep!

Kaci’s hand bolted up and slapped the off button on the alarm clock. Damn, woken from the most delicious fantasy/dream. She looked at the clock and noticed it was 8am. Damn!…she hated Monday’s! And on this particular one, she heard a hard rain hitting the window outside.

I wonder if Paul went to work, she thought. Paul had been staying with she and her husband while he did a job there in town. He was in construction and she remembered him telling her that he wasn’t able to work in the rain. Her bed room door was open and she listened to see if she could hear any movement downstairs. Silence…he must have been gone out already.

She reached up behind her into the cubbyhole on the headboard and got out her most favorite toy in the world: the vibrating rampant rabbit. She took it under the covers and opened her pussy lips with her fingers. She was already soaking wet from her dream. She slid the tip of the vibe up, exactly where she liked it most…right against her clit. With one push of a button the vibe started buzzing and rotating; all the little beads vibrating very hard and fast.

She let out a loud moan as she cupped her pussy and began rubbing. Her clit was swelling and twitching and she began moaning louder and louder. With every passing moment, she got closer and closer to her climax. She put the vibe inside her and let the head rotate against her g-spot while the “ears” were twitching on her clit. Then she began pumping her hips up and down and squeezing her legs tighter together to ensure the ears were right against her clit…as close at they could possibly get. Her breathing became faster and more shallow as her pending orgasm loomed closer. Then, with a final series of jerks and loud moans, she felt her pussy contract and her clit spasm shooting her sweetie juice all over the vibrating rabbit.

She got up and walked naked into the bathroom with her vibe to clean it off. Then she turned on the shower to begin her daily ritual of getting ready for work.

Meanwhile…Paul laid downstairs on the couch, mentally cursing the rain. A day of rain in the construction business means a day without pay. And the bills were piling up. He came to the city hoping that he could have better luck since he couldn’t find much work in the small town he was from. He was very glad that Kaci and Patrick had let him stay there for the week otherwise he would have had to find money to pay for a hotel.

He lay there, staring at the celling listening to the rain. Then he heard a noise. At first he had thought it was his imagination. He now knew it was moaning…coming from upstairs. As the moments passed the moans became louder. Paul then started feeling a stirring from down below.

He took his half erect 10-inch cock into his hand and began stroking. He heard her moan again which caused him to increase his pace. He was really pumping now and watching the big purple head of his cock meet the top of his hand with every stroke. The pre-cum began to drip forth and he could feel his balls tighten up and his cum slowly inching its way up the shaft to the tip. Her moans got even louder still, as his monster cock started pulsing and throbbing to a climax. The thick jizz shot out, pouring over his fist and onto his stomach.

Paul suddenly felt guilty and then scared as he heard her walking around upstairs. Imagine getting turned on by two of his best friends fucking! He jumped up and went into the half bath downstairs to clean himself up. He hoped no one ever knew his guilty secret! To be continued…