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Sissy Camp with Baby Ryan

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This post will come as no surprise to those of you who are fans of  India’s blog.  But my faithful fans and readers might be surprised to hear that I have just kicked off a sissy camp program for the summer.

Well our first trainees arrived last week.  I know, I know…but I have been so busy keeping the sissies in line I haven’t had much time for posting about it 🙂  One of our attendees is a pseudo celebrity on the internet.  Some of you guys might have followed the cuckold phone sex saga between baby ryan and India.  The cry baby no dick waif is also a bit of a cock star over at the cuckold place.

The counselors and I have had so much fun humiliating that wimpy little cuck!  He is such a fuckin wuss!  He cries at the drop of a hat…especially when I make him use the open public showers.  You see, here’s the deal, the community showers here are cold water only.  It keeps the little cum dump faggots shrunken and subjugated to rip away a little dignity each day.

But here’s the funniest part of all (besides his puny fairy bod and shriveled up tiny dick, haha)…every one of these sissy bitches in training knows that all they have to do to earn VIP shower status (with hot water of course, lol) is graduate to the ultimate cock star status and worship the chocolate column *wicked grin* – for all of you dimwit cock suckers out there, that last phrase translates to BIG BLACK COCK.

this post will be continued as Baby Ryan’s training continues…


Fun with Forced Feminization

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Fun With Forced Feminization


Just by the way you walk, with that little sway in your step.  Even in your “manly” clothes, with your “macho” haircut.  Ha!  From this point on, leave your boy clothes at the door!  When you are with me, you will do as I say and dress the way I want you to.  You can resist, protest, get angry…whatever;  I know what really makes you tick.  You want to make me happy don’t you?

You like to sneak into the bedroom, open the drawer and finger the lacy lingerie.  You slip on the satiny smooth panties and bras and strut around the bedroom, looking at yourself with admiration in the full-length mirror.  Well now, you will do this FOR ME, when I want you to!  The next shopping trip you take may be very different.

Don’t worry, you can still keep up your masculine facade in the big bad world outside…IF you want to!

So what is next for us?  Hmmm?

Will you let me shave your legs?  So those smooth stockings or pantyhose can just SLIDE right on up easily?  Yes.

What about your fingers and toes?  They would look so good with just the right color of polish…ok, ok, just your toes then!

How do you feel about makeup?  Maybe some eyeliner, mascara, a little blush in just the right spot?   MMMM  how gorgeous would you feel?  The correct answer to all of these questions is: “Yes Kaci that would make me feel so pretty.”

Don’t worry, baby, I WON’T TELL ANYBODY!  This will be our little secret.  You can say and do anything with me, let go of all that anxiety from the outside world, and just be my pretty little sissy-girl. Call 877-705-6391