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Monster Black Cock – part 2

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Yes of course I was going to make you wait for more of the story about the big black monster cock next door and I can see that you are here to eat it up. Feast on this little cuckold story about my submissive hubby turning into a cock star.

When I got on my cute khaki colored skirt on and hot pink top, I wiggled into some very cute, 5 inch hot pink strappy sandals so that I could show off my perfect feet and tan legs. I decided that a hot pink satin push up bra was in order and my hair up in a ponytail. Just as I got to the door and was about to knock, the door opened and the smoothest mocha skin colored man opened the door to greet me with a huge smile. His voice was low and deep and sexy. He asked me if I needed any help and I said that Yes indeed I did. I leaned over to him and asked him with an evil grin on my face if it was true. He had a knowing look on his face and said yes it was true, every word of it. I replied that I needed to make sure that if the saying “Once you go Black you never go back” was true then I needed to know for myself. He asked me where and when and I told him that this evening would be great and that my husband needed to be able to take notes. He said that he didn’t mind.

My legs were craving to be pushed behind my head. My pussy was wanting to get filled up with black spunk and I could not get fucked by this man fast enough. I calmed myself down with the thought that I had some intense cuckold training to start and my husband was at home waiting for it. He had been told by me to be ready in a pair of red thong panties and lace bra. His garter belt was to be red also but black stockings, just to be slutty. I told him that he could be in some 3 inch black heels. My husband protested and started to whine, but I just looked at him and said that if he was a good cuckold slave then he might get to see my pretty pussy filled up with hot cum. He got that little bulge again and rushed off to get dressed correctly for our company.

When our new neighbor showed up at our door and I opened it I instantly wanted him to know exactly what I wanted from him. I began to perform like any slut wife would. I got down on my knees in front of him and struggled to get him out of his pants and into my mouth. I just about got it in my mouth and my husband who was standing up behind me, got down on his knees next to me. I showed him how much I love sucking cock by putting almost all of it into my mouth. Then is started to grow. And Grow. After licking the head and balls, I leaned over and kissed my hubby right on the lips while I stroked this strong massive cock between our lips. What do you think happened next?

  1. My husband started to pull away, until I grabbed him by the back of the neck and put the head into his mouth.
  2. He took that massive black cock in his mouth and started to act like a cock whore?
  3. He took that cock in his mouth and I went to get my strap on to break him all of the way in?

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Monster Black Cock

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I have never been overly friendly with my neighbors before. That could be because I have had ugly, old, and uptight neighbors that would never understand my need for constant sexual attention, so when the house next door went up for sale there was hope that I was going to get a new view from my upstairs bedroom window.

After what seemed like an eternity a sold sign went up and a moving truck pulled up. My husband and I were right by our living room window looking out from behind the sheers and to my surprise, and delight a very nice single black man moved into the little house next door. I was wiggling with delight and my sissy cuckold husband’s face got very pale. I looked down to the front of his docker and there was already a little wet spot there. The smile on my face could not have been bigger. Yes and  my nipples were hard too.

Even before I could get some hot clothes on to go over and meet him, my cuckold humiliated little man was begging me not to go. I ordered him to take off his pants. Of course he complied, and showed me the tiny bulge in his baby blue lace panties. I knew that before the week was over that I would be a witness to my hubby sucking big black cock.

I love it when I am right. Stay tuned if you want to hear more about my cuckold sissy husband and our fun cuckold stories! Or you can call me for some great cuckold fetish phone sex!